Kickstarter: Shadow of the Demon Lord

Viva la Jacques Henri!

One time I met Robert J Schwalb on the sidewalk of Aurora Ave N in Seattle.  Right by Beth’s cafe.  You all know what that means.  He was selling somethin’…

Actually he was testing a game he’d been writing. A game that would make a 1980s housewife quiver with righteous mother grizzly rancor:

Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Imagine Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy made a baby while listening to Man-O-War or Metal Church. We’re talking Horrific Fantasy guys.

I’ve watched this game come together.  I’ve witnessed him craft this project with artisan care; hand tooled in the old style. And now its time for it to have witness.

0155420f692767d8ce842e1d4e6b3b1b_originalIts lore is both savory and saccharin. This is a dark game perfect for late nights of brooding or quick games with gallows humor. Its irreverent, mean and funny. But most of all, clever.

Our game started simply enough, but quickly went to places my poor halfling Alan was not prepared for: Buckets of lard, cannibalism, planar proctology, and possible fatherhood.

I can’t recommend this game enough, because Robert is an impossible task master. But also because its different: Check out the Kickstarter now.  This is a quality product. The major guts of Shadow of the Demon Lord are there and pumping blood or ichor or however it moves nutrients around. The stretch goals are worthy of achievement. All that is left if the community to help put ink to paper.

Vive la Jacques Henri!

Shadow of the Demon Lord Kickstarter page.





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