Premature Dissemination

The problem with writing, for myself anyway, is that I often can’t think worthy or writing about. Most of my Facebook stuff is fluff or reactionary. Maybe someone said something silly about vaccines or politics or race or religion. Pleading or yelling at someone that they are, or I am not, drinking the Kool-Aid of whatever philosophy they, or I, subscribe to. And by Kool-Aid we mean bullshit. We really think that the other person is delusional and worthy of suspicion of motive and if not motive, they are stupid for falling for it at the very least.  This goes both ways. I am surprised that I have friends with alternate philosophies at all.  But I try to remain civil. So what does this have to do with writing?

Aside from tirades on the Facebook, writing for writing’s sake still eludes me. It takes a lot effort to wrangle enough content to make it seem worth posting about. True to my introvert nature, I abhor small talk, so I want what I write to have some gravitas or at least frivolous entertainment value. Combine this with a healthy dose of Impostor Syndrome and you get a lot of empty white space.

Is it lazy if no one is watching?

I am master of putting things off with myself. If my family had a crest, it would be a television, sitting in a recliner with some bacon on one side and a though bubble containing a sigh on the other. That isn’t to say that I won’t jump in with both feet on a project and feel passionate about it.  No, it’s just that the determination to do said project is likely in direct proportion to not doing something else. I’m looking at you almost every piece of wall-art-that-is-not-on-a-wall.  You are floor art now.

Set a public expectation.

Between 2005 and 2006 Jonathan Coulton used “Thing a Week” to push himself creatively. I

Jonathan Coulton

admired this idea as a wannabe musician and now I’d like to adopt it myself.  For if he can bring for such classics as First of May I can write some words.

Can I get a witness? Because I will act like that projection of myself if you’re watching.  Seriously it’s for the best. The less time I have with my secret self the better. Even my private self has set a low bar. But my public self has some face to protect. Or could use some more face?  I am not sure how it works.

Behold: Tri-Monthly Verbage – Words a Week?

Something like that.




  1. BrianJardine says:

    Well, say it preacher! I have a lot to say and many stories to tell but, my fear and self doubt prevent me from expressing myself or telling my stories. Well, at least in written form. Get a few drinks in me and Ill tell stories all night. Extrovert or introvert self doubt and ego can stifle creative expression. 😉

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