Wm4.0 – A week with Keto Chow

As I mentioned last time, I decided I need to get my body all sorted out.  One of the reasons for this is that I am dying slowly faster than most people.  I got the beetus and I got some other acronyms, too.  Still under control via pills, but the way I love me some food, that wasn’t going to last long.

I had luck in the past with Ketosis based diets like Atkins, but being a Man of Leisure, making meals 3 meals a day, packing a lunch, finding something low carb in the international district, working, walking dogs all are plenty enough to say fuck it and order a pizza. But I do love me a routine.

Enter Keto Chow, a meal replacement for people who are into nutritional ketosis. He’s come up with a tasty shake that I eat twice a day.  All the ingredients are purchasable myself, nutritional information is plain.  He seems like a nerdy engineer type so I can get behind that.

I just started week 2 with a 4.6 lbs loss from week 1. This not being my first BBQ, I know that much of that will be water, but having done this type of diet before, I do know its possible to lose ~2lbs a week.

Anyway, 2 data point down, a bijillion to go.




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