Regarding my mass extinction

Every post need a pun right?

Oh how I have neglected you, blog, for you are in direct confrontation with my modus operandi: leisure.

I was bemusing with a friend about how being a man of leisure is a calling we both are drawn to. Some people can’t stand to look at a day of free time without manifesting a list of duties they should rather be engaged in.  Not us, oh no. To us its a vast canvas of lackadaisical invention: “I should really marathon Ballers“; “you know, I could organize <insert collection>”; “Oh hello there, nap all day”.

Its not that I don’t like a good honest days work, its just I would rather dishonestly not work a day.

Now, there will be some of those who for, for instance, will read this and say, “I am sure glad I looked up this guy before I hired him!” and that is fair enough, but consider for a moment that the man/woman of leisure is the mother/father of invention, rather than necessity.

My father, told me once of the job he had for some Mad Men era electronics related company he was working for an the task that he’d been given for which he was designed (being a fellow man of leisure):

John Straley: Man of leisure vs. the pallet of electronics components (liberties with facts taken ruthlessly).

John was provided the task of sorting diode by their… μ.  Its gets better. His boss has a problem: “I have all these components, but they are unlabeled and their values are unknown! What shall I do?”

Of course he delegates, to John Straley: Man of leisure.

Previous to his assignment they had been just picking some and measuring them, hoping to find some that match.  With over 2000 diodes and some TV to watch at home, he immediately set out to end his torture early so he could watch the News or football or whatever.

Result: cataloging the variance of all the diodes against a single bench diode chose at random allowed him to create a database of matching pairs.  Of course this was the 60s and running these through a computer meant punch cards.  No leisure allowing devices like excel spreadsheets in the age of the moon landing.

It didn’t get better, I lied.

So this brings me to why I asked you here.

My life of leisure does not include yoga or jogging. It is largely sedentary. My charmed, lower-middle-class-childless-white-lifestyle allows me to taste the delicious cuisines of the world within a 5 mile radius. Amazon likes me to hang out at home and will delivery me items in under an hour.

Taking my dogs out for one of their two walks a day to void they bladders and bowels is a chore.

OK OK. I am starting to sound lazy, so I should get to the point where I have decided I should get rid of some extra fluff and exercise.

I have decided I should get rid of some extra fluff and exercise.Capture

Being a man of leisure means not having to look at the calories and carbs.  So I’ve decided to do go for the nuclear option because I am really good at routines.

Losing weight nuclear option. (not to be confused with losing-weight-nuking-from-orbit-just-to-be-sure-option):

I’ll be replacing 2 meals with a lowcarb high protein shake of about 400 calories called Keto Chow.

It seems gimmicky but I like gimmicks.

Then I’ll eat dinner, as usual, which had already been low carb.

“But carbs!” I hear you say.  Well, I am already diabetic, due to my life of leisure and love for Bismarks. And I had really good luck on a Atkin’s in the single aughts.

So, its really 2 fold, lose weight, treat the ‘beetus.

2015-08-11I’ve also been going to Harold’s Fitness in W. Seattle.  Close to home, Harold is a former professional body builder and over 70. He’s a bad ass. A bit of the scoundrel.

Here is pressing the bench. He calls you if you don’t show up. He is a man of action; a nice counter point to man of leisure.

His gym is reasonable and very low-fi, low tech and casual. He’s also old school men’s and women’s days separate, so no googly eyes from me.

So where am I right now? Lets say I am over the 300lbs mark for the second time in my life.  My goal right now is 250, but I’d like to get lower if my body type leads me there.

Hopefully a thinner man of leisure.




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