I am a White Educated Male and Trump can’t really touch me.

I have a fairly good job in high tech. Trump’s presidency won’t affect me very much at all. However, to those of you that voted these people’s hero into office: A vote for Donald Trump was a vote for white supremacy, and I am not sure I will ever forgive you for putting my nieces, nephews, brothers, friends and anyone, in this worsening situation. This is way beyond a party choice. You have emboldened them and enabled them.

To my wonderful, diverse, family and friends: I have had the blessing of growing up with immediate family members who embraced people of color as their spouses. I have been blessed to see the result of their love in what wonderful nieces and nephews I have. You’re stronger than I am.

In my adult life I was fortunate enough to gain access to people outside of my comfort zone as a white man and they have, with great patience and generosity, allowed me to call them friends. Through personal relationships with the Deaf/HoH, LGBQT, People of Color and my non-Christian friends, I have a taste of your perspective and I am enriched by and a better person, for knowing you.

To you all, I am so, very sorry. I feel as if I have personally failed you, as I could have done more, even if the outcome would have been the same. It is my responsibility to use the means I have to give voice to your hardships and I feel I failed. A great guilt washes over me. For the acquaintances I allowed to speak without confrontation of their rhetoric. For the days I was just too mentally drained to fight, I know that my break from the fight is a privilege that you do not have.

I want you to know that as the days and the weeks and years go by, this outpouring of racial hatred may go back underground. I will not. I am always on your side. I am always on the side of tolerance and inclusion. I am against the forces that try to impede you. I love you and care for you and will work to amplify your voices until I have none of my own left.

More to come.