Jarvis Blankenship and the First Law of Thermodynamics

I wrote this as a class paper in creative writing.  The constraints were pretty rough: Less than x words, had to be human, had to be one scene, contemporary, etc. I like it though, and it serves as a jumping on point for the children’s book I’d like to write. I challenged myself by making it present tense.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be changed. The law forms the basis of the principle of conservation of energy.

“Did you know that you could fry people with a flashlight if you were on a spaceship that was travelling at the speed of light and you shined it out the windshield?” The words jumble together, cascading in a parade of nine-year old enthusiasm.  Typical speed for Jarvis Blankenship. But that was the potency of new information, so it had to be shared. Which is why he had run into his sister’s room, red plastic flashlight in hand, turning it on and off at imaginary enemies.

“Why would you need a windshield in space, Jarvis?” his sister answers half heartedly, absently typing on the keyboard of her softly glowing computer. But the fourteen year old always seemed to be typing. “There is no wind in space”, she adds, never looking away from her screen.

Jarvis Blankenship purses his lips. He is of course, aware that there is no wind in space. He is learning all about space in one of his mother’s old books. But a windshield is necessary for this thought experiment and Zerelda is always such a pragmatist. No imagination, which is something you need to answer questions about the world. You need to tell stories to find answers; like the serious subject of what happens to a beam of light if you’re already travelling at the speed of light! Does the light get stuck inside the flash light?  Does it spill out on the floor like syrup? These are important questions. (more…)

Got to find a reason why my money’s all gone…

Self reflection is one of the reasons I decided to reblog-ify myself.  Its been a long road over the past 5 years to where I am today; likely the most trying to me on an emotional and personal level so far. It called into question a lot of who I was or at least who I thought I was.

It turns out that much of my identity was wrapped up in my work. When that ended, so did my self-esteem. I had the boon of external relationships which took care of me physically, but I was a wreck in my mind.  That culminated in some decisions in the middle of 2013 the caused a complete shake down, break down and crisis. The people who stick by you when you’re the most vulnerable, selfish, stupid are the ones to keep.  And I try to cultivate their continued vote for me.

With that said, its time to enumerate and elucidate some of my goals for the future.  In no particular order… (more…)

Chaotic Neutral Net

Net Neutrality is hip these days.  This day in fact. It’s quite contentious. I don’t want to act hipster, but I thought it was cool before it was all meme’d out and drinking kombucha. But really, having officially spent more of my life with the Interweb than without, this issue was on my radar early.

By last count I had no less than 392 nieces and nephews and cousins.  Make no doubt about it, my family likes to make more family. I am not ashamed of this.  It’s a fact of life, so I make the best of it.  If we look statistically at the make-up of political leanings in the United States today, we see that there is a pretty good chance that I am related to someone of seemingly contradictory political persuasion. This is a fact. It wasn’t but last week that some highly satirical, but kind of funny, conservative cartoons appears from one of them. (more…)

Remember when we had blogs? That was weird.

About This Site

This site represents attempt #239 to write about things in public. Writing, thoughts and editorial regarding a wide variety of topic and a way to get to know me. What I say I like and what I seem to like may be different things.  Having a wide variety of interests, this site will also (hopefully) work as a concentrator for my activities and further my construction to (also hopefully), a useful human.

About This Author

Born in Southern California, I’ve lived the majority of my life in Washington State. I enjoy the occasional game, programs on the television, books and adult beverage.  I like to cook for other people. I have wanted to be a lot of things when I grow up.  A non-exhaustive list of toiling: Retail Clerk, Fast Food Slave, cement distribution… guy? Technical Support Monkey, Test Engineer, Student, musician.  I currently support firewalls for a small to medium-ish security appliance manufacturer.