Chaotic Neutral Net

Net Neutrality is hip these days.  This day in fact. It’s quite contentious. I don’t want to act hipster, but I thought it was cool before it was all meme’d out and drinking kombucha. But really, having officially spent more of my life with the Interweb than without, this issue was on my radar early.

By last count I had no less than 392 nieces and nephews and cousins.  Make no doubt about it, my family likes to make more family. I am not ashamed of this.  It’s a fact of life, so I make the best of it.  If we look statistically at the make-up of political leanings in the United States today, we see that there is a pretty good chance that I am related to someone of seemingly contradictory political persuasion. This is a fact. It wasn’t but last week that some highly satirical, but kind of funny, conservative cartoons appears from one of them. (more…)